Limited Edition Giclées

Three years ago Acme Archives contacted me to produce a limited edition of paintings for Disney and Dreamworks. Creating this collection has been an opportunity to re-connect with my animation roots and explore new possibilities within a universe I grew up with and deeply cherished. 

I am offering a very limited number of the artist proofs giclées printed on canvas. Each giclée is hand-varnished, signed, and numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. I also offer them embellished upon request.

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Original Drawings

Since all my paintings are digital and sold as giclées, I decided to create a series of drawings to offer some original works as well. Coming from an animation background and having been trained classically, I have always enjoyed the direct contact and feel of pencil on paper. There is a unique sensibility and natural flow that pencil and hand produce on paper that can’t be matched digitally.
This collection of drawings is produced on sepia paper 9" x 12" or 18" x 24" (click on the thumbnails to view size). They’re drawn with red and white pencils as well as colored pencils.
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